Getting Over It

- The hiking action is very similar to way you would do it in real life
Người chơi sẽ cần phải tận dụng chiếc búa của mình để có thể di chuyển

Getting Over It

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    Bennett Foddy
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    latest version
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    Windows 10

I. Gameplay Overcome it
When coming to Getting Over It, players will only have one task that sounds very simple, which is to help a guy stuck in a water bottle, overcome obstacles to try to go far. Feasibility.

I don’t understand why this guy is in the lu?

Simple right? Oh no, everything seems simple until the player learns that this guy has half of his lower body lying in a pot and is completely unable to move on his feet. This guy’s movement relies entirely on a hammer.

Người chơi sẽ cần phải tận dụng chiếc búa của mình để có thể di chuyển

Players will need to use their hammer to be able to move

So how to move without legs? Players will need to use the hammer that the guy carries. Fighting, pulling, pushing, hooking, … at all costs can help the guy climb, overcome obstacles and move forward.

Hãy cố gắng móc, kéo, lôi,... làm mọi thứ có thể để tiến lên phía trước

Try to hook, pull, pull,… do everything possible to move forward

It’s hard to start, isn’t it? But that’s just a matter of mobility. The next thing we need to talk about is the obstacle. Obstacles in Getting Over It are extremely diverse, sometimes just a tree, a few stones stacked on top of each other, but later on, the difficulty is higher, it can be a whole mountain, a mess enough. all items.

They are linked together and form giant obstacles. This is the time that requires the player’s ability to calculate, ingenuity and keen observation.

Những người ngại vật cũng như độ khó của chúng sẽ ngày càng được đẩy lên cao

The obstacles will be more and more diverse

It’s as simple as that, but it will definitely give players an experience full of emotions. Stay calm and try to get over it.

Cố gắng bình tĩnh, tập trung chắc chắn bạn sẽ làm được thôi

Try to stay calm and focused, you will definitely make it

III. Sound and graphics
Getting Over It has a melodious, gentle background music that helps players have a relaxing feeling extremely effectively. However, on that melodious music background, sometimes the producer’s dialogue will appear. But ironically, instead of encouraging the player, these sayings will advise the player to give up. But or use them as motivation to resolve to overcome. In addition, the sound effects from climbing, hammer hitting rocks or objects are made extremely detailed and different. Make the game more lively and interesting.

The graphics of Getting Over It use bold colors to help highlight the landscape as well as the main character of the game. With an extremely strange but extremely interesting character design, the game becomes more fun and attractive. The obstacles are arranged with increasing difficulty, and all shapes and sizes help create countless levels and challenge.

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