Goose Goose Duck

- A game of social deduction

Goose Goose Duck

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    Gaggle Studios, Inc.
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    Windows 10

I. Gameplay Goose Goose Duck
1. Gameplay

Coming to Goose Goose Duck, players play the role of geese or ducks with funny shapes. 15 players together experience the feeling of survival in different maps.

So how do you survive? All players in Goose Goose Duck will be divided into 2 main groups including Duck and Goose, respectively, with two roles of the fake killer and normal person.

Players in the role of Goose (geese) must complete the assigned tasks in the map as well as find the Goose faked by Duck (duck), then vote and banish them from the map to win.

In contrast, in the role of Duck (duck), the player must blend, hide and handle the geese on the map. Duck players are equipped with a number of skills such as hiding, disguise to be more convenient during the action.

The game only really ends when Goose removes all Ducks from the map or the Duck faction destroys all Goose.

2. Characters and roles

A special feature of Goose Goose Duck is that the characters of the two factions Goose and Duck are divided into different roles. The game has more than 20 roles belonging to two factions of geese and ducks.

The roles of the two factions can be mentioned as Killer Duck (kill geese if guessed correctly), Birdwatcher Goose (see through walls at a short distance), Detective Goose (investigate any character to see if they’ve played a role). destroy anyone or not)… with other characters with each character having a separate role.

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