Hello Neighbor

- The horror strategy adventure game

Hello Neighbor

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    Windows 7/8/10


In the horror strategy adventure game Hello Neighbor, an ordinary house in a mysterious suburb can create a tense atmosphere for the player. This stealth action game is designed in an unusual cartoon graphic style.

When playing the adventure horror strategy game Hello Neighbor for PC, the player will become an intruder hiding in the neighbor’s house. However, he is very vigilant and tries not to let the player escape safely. Players need to use stealth skills, cunning, many tricks and a little luck to escape the wrath of the neighbor.

Main features of the game Hello Neighbor for Windows
The suspenseful horror gameplay (no sudden scares) requires the player to focus on hiding in the neighbor’s house.
Continually improve the experience as your neighbor’s AI can count your moves and learn from what you’ve done
Free-style gameplay with lots of interactivity in realistic physics and environments.

Discover the horror story in the suburbs
The context in the horror game Hello Neighbor is designed in a colorful and eye-catching cartoon style, so no one will think that this is the environment of a horror game that requires stealthy gameplay. However, as the events of the game unfold one after another, the player begins to feel that there is something wrong with everything in this house on the street. In the process of uncovering the mystery, players will have to pit their wits against highly adaptive artificial intelligence, learning from the player’s choices and developing new capture strategies. Fortunately, the many items and pieces that can be interacted in the surroundings assist the player in distracting and confusing the enemy. Actively search the neighbor’s house and players will find clues and tools to help them solve the mystery of what this strange mustache guy is up to.

Feeling both excited and scared at the same time
If players like the combination of Norman Rockwell, puzzle style and stealth action in the game, then they will definitely want to explore Neighbor. This horror game for Windows includes many attractive features designed in a style unlike the real life with an extremely dark atmosphere that makes you feel creepy. You can download Hello Neighbor to practice hiding skills in your neighbor’s house right now.









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