Human: Fall Flat

- Let's once again enjoy the "laughing belly" puzzle games

Human: Fall Flat

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    Curve Games
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    Windows 7/8/8.1/10

If you’re tired of hardcore games, let’s once again enjoy the “laughing belly” puzzle games like Human: Fall Flat.Controlling the character to climb the pass, cross the stream to complete the challenge is a great experience. Let’s take a look at the bright information of Human: Fall Flat!



Human: Fall Flat immerses you in relaxing moments with belly laughs. Unfortunately, the game does not have a plot, the story will be woven based on your trips and experiences with your teammates.Gamers can draw dramatic stories when going through tough challenges, or relax with teammates in tricky puzzles.

1. Gameplay

Human: Fall Flat has a pure puzzle-style gameplay, gamers will enjoy the puzzles based on very funny physics, but be careful, they are extremely “potent”, bringing challenges that make you You have to “sweat out”. Human: Fall Flat employs a seemingly intentional but realistic physics system, drawing players in with creative challenges you wouldn’t expect.

More specifically, the levels all have a certain theme, which is divided into smaller puzzle areas with puzzles typical of each map. Of course, they all have one thing in common that requires gamers to move from point A to point B. It sounds easy, but the problem is that your journey encounters many challenges and obstacles. Perhaps that is the point that makes the game so fascinated by many players.

You will laugh heartily when you see the clumsy character Bob “climbing passes, crossing waterfalls” to solve puzzles. If you can invite your teammates to enjoy the game, you will actually have hours of laughs because of the puzzles!

2. Mission

Because Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle game, your task is extremely “easy”, gamers only need to control their soft, noodle-like character to overcome hundreds of challenges to open the door to a new level. It sounds easy to eat, but unfortunately the game uses physics so you will constantly sweat to solve puzzles or even get upset from laughing too much.

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