Poppy Playtime

- A blend of horror survival style with familiar puzzle adventure

Poppy Playtime

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    4.5/5 - (12 votes)
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    MOB Games
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    Windows 10

Poppy Playtime ghost doll game is a blend of horror survival style with familiar puzzle adventure. This time, your opponents will be angry dolls in the abandoned toy factory. Use GrabPack to hack electrical systems or control items remotely. Explore the mysterious facility and don’t get caught!

The Poppy Playtime game has just launched on the Steam store and presents you with the first chapter. The new chapters will be made available as DLC and have an overall price of $4.99.

Poppy Playtime game – Explore the ghost toy factory
Welcome to Playtime Co.!
Playtime Co. was once the king of the toy manufacturing industry until, all of the factory employees suddenly disappeared. Years later, you return to this abandoned factory to find out the truth. Speaking of which, you will probably find the story in Poppy Playtime PC quite similar to Whitehaven. In fact, the gameplay is similar and easy to understand.

Explore the toy collection that Playtime Co. created, from Bot to Huggy, Catbee or Poppy… Make friends with them, it’s the first step to understanding this haunted factory better!

GrabPack is the protagonist in the Poppy Playtime world. This is a backpack with 2 fake gloves connected by steel wire. It has a handle to help you move heavy objects; long wire to help get things from afar, steel wire to conduct electricity. The only limit is the length of the rope, be careful not to get in trouble and get caught too soon…

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