Rec Room

- An online multiplayer game where users can meet friends and explore rooms containing

Rec Room

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Rec Room is a virtual social game that allows the player to have an adventure through many mini-games. This is an online multiplayer game where users can meet friends and explore rooms containing a variety of experiences. With this you can play with other real people.

More than just an online game, Rec Room also functions as a social hub, allowing you to explore game rooms and socialize with other players. Furthermore, the app enhances the experience by allowing you to use a virtual reality headset while playing. However, note that each room has different gameplay, so don’t expect a storyline.

What is Rec Room?
Rec Room is a game app consisting of extremely competitive mini-games. As mentioned, the players can create or join rooms and play games. Most games are multiplayer, including Dodgeball, Paintball, Laser Tag, and Bowling. There are also mission games that allow you to arm up with a bow and arrow or sword and shield. Even better, you can create a sandbox game room that you can explore.

Like most online games, the app allows you to create and name your own avatar using extensive customization options. Once done, you can head into the main area, where you can choose from different rooms. As noted, you can play the games with a VR headset. Moreover, it also works as a giant chat room. With this, you can skip playing the games and chat with other users.

However, compared to Robo Recall and The Climb, the game’s visuals are not as high-end. The models are not exactly horrible, but they look like basic people with painted faces. Additionally, the app is prone to crashing, putting a major damper on your experience. It sometimes shuts down completely or unexpectedly kicks a player out of the room and back to the private dorm rooms.

Is there anything good?
Overall, Rec Room is a game that takes the online multiplayer genre to the next level. The app offers a lot of competitive mini-games. With this, you can have a different experience in every room you join. What’s more, it also comes with other nifty features, including support for VR headsets. Unfortunately, the app suffers from serious technical problems, making it almost impossible for you to have a pleasant gaming experience.

Instructions for playing Rec Room PC
The game uses 3D motion through the motion saving system of virtual reality glasses and 2 handheld motion controllers. Players can explore the space around them with realistic floor space, move freely with the buttons on the controller to teleport to close distances. This movement applies in several game modes with the speed shifting depending on the game. Use the motion controllers to pick up and handle objects in the game world, including balls, weapons, construction tools, and more.


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