- An online action game with Werewolf-like gameplay


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Suspicious is an online action game with Werewolf-like gameplay, revolving around teamwork and traitors for up to 8 players. Experience incredible stories as you and your friends have to find out who the killer is!

Suspicious is a mind-blowing psychological and mind-bending game inspired by Mafia games. You can play with up to 8 people online and can play cross-play between VR and PC. The game is set on an island floating in the sky, where everyone is suspicious. Bring your friends to this peaceful island party to fool and assassinate them!

How to play the game Suspicious
At the start of Suspicious, each player is secretly assigned a role that involves two factions: One gets a notice (Mafia – Murder), the rest are left uninformed (Innocent Man – People). village).

The game has two alternating phases: At night, the killer can secretly assassinate other players. In contrast, during the day, the surviving players will debate the player’s identity and vote to remove the suspect.

The game continues until one faction achieves the win condition: for the Villager group – eliminate the Mafia; as for the Mafia – achieve the same number as the Villagers and eliminate the opposing group of villains.

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