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    Pascal Brachet
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    Windows 10

A text editor that integrates many tools needed to develop documents with LaTeX commands, but also references such as labels, footnotes and indexes.

With the advancements in document formatting, preparation and even criteria that are required for certain publications, the emergence of dedicated document handlers, such as LaTeX came as a natural consequence. Its inherent complexity might deter some users from actually benefitting from its entire feature set, and this is where Texmaker comes into play, in order to offer users a viable alternative for developing their documents into a LaTeX environment, without the encumbrance of a potentially too complex approach.

Powerful on-screen editing capabilities, thanks to a multitude of dedicated commands and a well-designed layout

Those who are accustomed to working with documents will likely appreciate the layout present on Texmaker, as it offers both a good viewing area, as well as a multitude of quick-access features, which are represented through multiple buttons.

Both the structure, as well as the contents of the opened document can be previewed, and indentation indexing and a load of other standard features make up the basis for the document editing frame.

Impressive tools collection, which is sure to provide ample functionality for editing and preparing documents

When going past the basics, one will be able to find a myriad of features hidden within all the menus, and despite their impressive numbers, the complexity of the overall handling is kept at bay, ensuring that even novices can have a go.

Furthermore, we enjoyed that the settings module takes a different approach, and instead of offering a cluttered, complex set of tweaks, it allows one access to only four modules, each with several distinct items, making the customization process quite easy and accessible.

Viable alternative to the proprietary LaTeX suite, which offers an accessible approach to document editing and preparation

If the complexity of any LaTeX-driven approaches for processing documents is overwhelming to you, this application can provide a much-welcomed simplification, all that without compromising all the essential features required for such endeavors.

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