- Create sprite sheets and export them to the file format most suitable for your project


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Create sprite sheets and export them to the file format most suitable for your project with this straightforward software solution

The creation of sprite sheets or atlases require special software and TexturePacker has been designed for this specific purpose.

Installing the product is no tough job and all the user has to do is follow the instructions on the screen to complete the operation.

Straightforward interface

TexturePacker sports an intuitive interface with the texture settings rolling down in the left hand part of the application window, while images can be easily loaded in the right hand part of the screen via drag and drop.

Folders can also be loaded and the program automatically detects the supported files, which, apart from PNG, BMP and JPG formats, also include complete SWF clips.

The list of options is organized into a few sections that touch on the end result, allow modifying the geometry and the layout of the texture.

Useful set of options

The output texture can be exported into formats suitable for various game engines and platforms.

TexturePacker has support for various development frameworks, at the same time offering the user the possibility to create their own data exporter, if the desired framework is not supported.

Under the layout section there is an option that can help the user automatically reduce the black halos around the sprites, which appear in some OpenGl-based frameworks.

However, take into consideration that the file size of the file system might increase, although the runtime memory of the app remains unaffected.


Working with TexturePacker should cut down the time spent on a project as well as the overall effort. All the options are in plain sight and they should not pose a problem to the target users.

Furthermore, the developer makes available the proper documentation for handling the application and an impressive list of tutorials for each of the supported frameworks.

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